August 28, 2013

Fig Lassi - Fresh Fig Yogurt Smoothie / Anjeer Lassi

        "Lassi" is a traditional yogurt based drink made in India. This is a thick, sweet and creamy drink made with churning yogurt, water and sugar. Some Nuts/Spices/Fruits are also added in modern times. We also have a yogurt based drink called Chaas/Mahi that is the lighter version of lassi but salt is added along with some cumin powder. The thicker and more well churned the lassi is - the tastier it becomes. Slightly sour curd adds a great taste to it.

           Today I am adding Fresh Fig to this to make Fig lassi. Figs are basically sweet if perfectly ripe. Sweet fruit makes this lassi creamy and tasty with use of less Sugar/Honey. Any fruit like Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry can also be used for preparing this drink. Some people also add Kesar/Saffron strands to bring a vibrant colour of light yellow to this basic drink.

          Summer is coming to an end but when "Summer Fest" featured Figs for this week, I could not think something better than this to treat me in this weather.


Figs - 6 no's (I use fresh small black figs, peel the skin and chop)
Curd / Yogurt - 2/3 cup (I used low fat yogurt, Chilled)
Milk - 1/4 cup (I used low fat milk, Chilled)
Water - 1/4 cup(Chilled)
Rose syrup - 1 tablespoon(I used my homemade Rose syrup)
Honey / Sugar - 1 tablespoon(I used honey)
(Please check and add Sugar/Honey according to your need, add less if figs are too sweet)

  • Peel the skin of figs and keep them chopped. Chill Milk, Yogurt, Water.

  • To a Blender add all the ingredients together and blend to fine smoothie consistency. 

  • Serve cold with some drops of Rose syrup on top and Ice cubes.

My Notes:
  • Figs are delicate fruits so pick ones that are lightly soft on top and smells like honey. When figs are ripe, they are really sweet in taste.
  • Lassi is prepared with plain yogurt, water and sugar but fruits can be added to increase the flavor and taste. 
  • I used Homemade Rose Syrup to enhance the taste and flavor but adding this is completely optional. You can click on Rose Syrup in the ingredients list for the recipe.
  • Sugar is actually used but I personally love honey in my drinks and I chose to add honey.
  • The drink is light pink when made but might change its colour to light brown after sometime because of oxidation similar to what happens to apple juice.


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