June 1, 2013

Dishing wins its second recognition!

          Its always wonderful when we get recognized, its more amazing when we win...Yes, happy to announce Dishing's second win through "Traditional Recipe Event" conducted by Sharanya at her wonderful space "Sara's tasty buds"

Thank you very much Sharanya, Sara's Tasty buds for this wonderful gift.

This note means a lot to me Sharanya.

Dishing's winning recipe "Idichakka Thoran"

                 Traditional recipes are something we hold in special and close to heart, enjoy them occasionally cherishing memories of childhood too. It helped me share some unique recipes that we learn from our elders. Thank you for conducting such a lovely event and letting food bloggers like me present our recipe....I know I delayed very much updating this after receiving the gift from you, I am sorry for that. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your special gift and more so for the special 'hand-written' note that I can cherish every time I open that "Sweet" book :)