May 9, 2013

This is me when i was 2

Me with my dad

      This is me when I was 2. The person looking at me is my dad but that is just an association I received by birth. He is more importantly, my role-model, well-wisher, inspirer, teacher, spiritual-void-filler, actually running out of words here. When I have the severest of my head-aches, my husband doesn’t get me a pill. He brings me the phone dialing my dad’s number. Trust me; all my dad has to say is ‘divya mol’ and it kicks the head-ache right out of my head.
         I get carried away when I speak about my dad… now coming to the picture… I actually didn't pay much attention to it when we used to browse through our ‘family album’ – that is one tradition getting lost among the millions of digital images floating around, isn’t it? Only recently, I realized how much the picture meant to my dad – I will get to that part later.
       The photograph stirs different memories from my childhood. The building on the right was a small barn where my grandpa used to spend a lot of time tending the cows like his children. The barn was always cool for some reason with a pungent smell of dung and hay. I wish I could sit there now and watch the cows chew the hay away peacefully.  The croton plants remind my grandma’s special knack for gardening. She had so many plants in there, you name one, you could find it around the house – jackfruit, pepper, mango and many many herbs and shrubs that are unique to Kerala.
        When I was in India for vacation in December, my dad kept asking me to take a picture of my daughter near the croton plant – incidentally, there is one in the same spot today. I kept putting it off until the last day when he finally made me do it. After seeing the picture, I was able to connect the dots and realize how much the picture meant to him. He made his granddaughter pose the same way holding a leaf and I could sense him seeing me through my daughter. It was priceless.

My daughter in the same spot today where i was 25 years before :)

Note : I am adding my daughter's digital picture to connect my actual story.

"This post is my entry for the 'One Picture From My Photo Album' contest conducted by My Yatra Diary and CupoNation."

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