April 14, 2013

Colour Colour what colour do you choose?

                I dedicate this post completely for "The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series" hosted by Priya Elias of "The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen". The concept of the event really attracted me. Its not just the taste of the food that attracts anyone but also a pleasing presentation. what is more pleasing than different colourful displays. so let me put my effort too.

For "Colour me Red" - February
"Am Red hot to Sweat"

For "Colour me Black" - March
"Black Illusion"

For "Colour me Green" - April
My Green PAST with bright PRESENT and dry FUTURE

For "Colour me Yellow" - May
Yellow Beads of Nature

For "Colour Me White" - June
Sacked Crystals of White

For "Colour Me Blue/Purple" - July
Blue Drops

For "Colour Me Pink" - August
Am Pink! Says Black Salt

For "Colour Me Brown" - September
Brown Pearls

For "Colour Me Orange" - October
Orange Roots of Vision