February 20, 2014

Egg and Mushroom Cheese Sandwich

        Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with a bowl of soup is another favorite recipe in America. Sometimes you forget your weight or calorie management and just fall on to these sandwiches - trust me they are that tasty. Simple recipe prepared quite easily. Well, classic recipes simply add buttered bread with a pile of cheese and grill or toast on a griddle but as time changed the way people taste different varieties, we see versions of melting cheese sandwiches with stuffed vegetables or meat too.

February 13, 2014

Carrot Halwa / Gajar Ka Halwa / Gajar Halwa / Gajrela

       This week is indeed special for everyone - Its VaLENtiNE's Day, so much better that it falls on a Friday and I got to book our dinner table early!  Though we love our dear ones every day in our life, this day helps us express it better. To make it more unique we make something special for our loved one's. For me its my family that stands first, my hubby and my little angel are the best to celebrate it with. Every day I want to see a smile in their faces and pray for their happiness. Though Gifts/Chocolates/Cakes make my family happy, this time I am treating them with something different - I can proudly say HEALTHY dessert. You heard it right - Healthy Dessert!

February 7, 2014

Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables

          Have you ever faced days where you feel to have something healthy with a bowl full of proteins and vitamins added. Well this is the recipe I ended up one such day. So simple and easy as it gets ready in less than 10 minutes. Rich and healthy dish with no compromise in taste. 

January 31, 2014

Stir Fried Potato and Spinach / Aaloo Palak

          As weekend nears, my refrigerator needs to be filled up - yes I run out of vegetables and use it as an excuse in my weekend to hop in and out of shops to purchase :). But potatoes and spinach are stocked in my kitchen most of the time. When I run out of ideas they save my day. 

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