October 30, 2014

Egg Puffs


              When you have Puff Pastries in stock then you can make quick and easy appetizers for party or get togethers. Puff Pastries involve lot of labour work so I don't make them at home and other reason is they are cheaper in stores.

October 16, 2014

Baked Salmon with Garlic and Herbs

           Its time for us to prepare ourself to face the winter. Its getting colder every day. Its natural to feed our body with protein packed healthy food that would keep us warmer and healthier from inside. Fish is a wonderful Ingredient that can be added to our meal now on. They help us keep warm from inside along with protein benefits. Salmon is a delicious Fish variety with tons of goodness in it. It is the most recommended fish for Heart Patients because its loaded with Omega-3.

October 12, 2014


             Last weekend we had a wonderful get together at RV's house for Navaratri. Treat for Eyes in the form of Gollu, Treat for Tummy in the form of Wonderful homemade food, Treat for ears as people sang beautifully before gollu and Treat for heart with wonderful goody bags. We had no idea how time went and we reached back home past midnight. I got some food packed from there for the next day and had so many roti's too. Having so many of them, I decided to use that to prepare Malida.

October 10, 2014

Indusladies E-Book Recognition for Dishing With Divya


               A Credit or Recognition is always a wonderful thing for a Food blogger or any blogger. It doesn't happen to me all the time but when people from Indusladies approached me to share some recipes for their "Kids Lunchbox Recipes Recipe Book" I knew I am doing my work. It is so wonderful to see the E-Mail from them telling they have their E-Book ready and my recipe is included. It is a proud moment like a Golden Feather in my hat. Thank you so much Indusladies for choosing me and my blog to share some recipes. 

Download your Free Recipe Book here -  

This wonderful collection has 100 recipes from different bloggers around. Now don't keep thinking how to satisfy your little one's. You have a wonderful collection above that you can download and use it again and again. Mom's! these recipes will help you see "Completely Licked and clean Lunch Boxes back from school with a word credit from your kidoos "Lunch was great amma,Thanks".